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SunStuff of Asheville offers the best in gazebos for your outdoor water experience. Let us help you find the perfect enclosure for your spa or hot tub that will stand the test of time and provide hours of relaxing backyard fun for you and your family.

Visscher Gazebos

Visscher Gazebos

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Visscher spa enclosures and gazebo kits are easy to assemble, and can be used many other purposes than just for Hot Tub Enclosures, or as a Gazebo.  They are perfect for any beautiful backyard center! Built on the dedication to producing quality products and providing first rate customer service, we take pride in the personal touch we bring to all of our customers. Only the finest Canadian western red cedar - kiln dried to stabilize and strengthen the wood - is used in Visscher gazebos.

The Visscher Lattice Series features diagonal lattice panels or adjustable louver panels each lattice spa gazebo comes with a cedar shingle roof with a 4’x4’ skylight dome at the top.


Vista Pavilion Series

With the luxury of privacy on 2 sides, and a bar for refreshments on another side, the Visscher Vista Pavilion Series makes for a great spa enclosure. Visscher has manufactured it with strength and durability in mind.

This gazebo comes with a bar and four stools creating a truly versatile outdoor building. Reach for your drinks without having to get out of the hot tub!

Wood Roof Series

The Visscher Wood Roof Series are attractive cedar gazebo enclosures. Visscher Specialty Products are fully enclosed wood roof cedar spa gazebos, made from western red cedar, with a cedar shingle roofing and 3' x 3' skylight dome.

They can be a hot tub enclosure, gym, study, storage to name but a few ideas. The garden building has bronzed acrylic windows to ensure privacy but can be opened on the smooth tracking system to allow ventilation and viewing your garden. In addition a 3’ x 3’ skylight has been included to enhance the brightness and gives you the ability to gaze at the stars on a clear night.

Metal Roof Series

The Visscher Metal Roof Series spa enclosure kits come with a metal that is guaranteed for 30 years, window that open on a smooth aluminum tracking system and a clear western red cedar ceiling. The aroma and natural beauty of the cedar provide an ambience second to none in this versatile building. Use it as a spa enclosure, a hobby place, a pool house, a games room or for whatever the situation calls for and this handsome building will be up to the task. Add the Deck Squares as a touch of decadence and grandeur to this truly enchanting enclosure. The windows open on a smooth aluminum tracking system for easy ventilation. A great place for the hot tub and a workout room all in one.

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